The SALOON Munich was founded by Eva Lengler (auction house representative) and Christiane Gorzalka (gallery director) in June 2021. Both had been noticing the lack of a strong network between art professionals in the Bavarian capital, especially between female art professionals. So when they came across the SALOON network, which Tina Sauerländer and team had been fostering since 2012, it was quite instantly clear that this wonderful concept will also have to be implemented in Munich. Consequently, in summer of 2021 Eva and Christiane – now forming the network’s board – begun to assemble a group of inspiring, dedicated women of Munich’s art scene to initiate the exciting professional network of the SALOON Munich. We arrange monthly meetings that are linked to an event, such as exhibition visits, usually hosted by one of our members.

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Board Member Christiane Gorzalka
Board Member Christiane Gorzalka

Christiane Gorzalka is a specialist for Modern Art and gallery director of a contemporary art gallery. After finishing her undergraduate studies at Maastricht University and her master’s degree at King’s College London, Christiane delved right into the art and creative world of the British capital. She first worked for various smaller institutions in London as well as for a leading art dealer, before staring in the Impressionist & Modern Art department at Bonhams auctioneers.
After many years abroad, Christiane returned to her home country and started a career as modern art specialist, with a focus on German expressionism, at the leading German auction house, Ketterer Kunst.
In June 2021 Christiane took on the role of gallery director at the contemporary art gallery HELDENREIZER Contemporary in Munich. Her role focuses on business getting, artist and customer liaison, curation and management of exhibitions, execution of sales and overseeing art fair attendances. Further, she is responsible for strengthening the gallery’s online presence.

Christiane has always seen and made use of the great benefits of networking. She is very excited to now empower female art professionals through the SALOON network.
Next to art, Christiane is passionate about social media, in particularly Instagram. In the past she has professionally and successfully managed four company accounts operating in the art world.

Christiane forms together with co-founder Eva Lengler the board of SALOON Munich.

Board Member Eva Lengler
Board Member Eva Lengler

Eva Lengler is an art historian and representative for Bonhams Auctioneers in Germany. After studying art history with the focus on Dutch Old Masters in Cologne she moved to Munich where she first gained experience in the auction world at Karl & Faber and the representative office of Bonhams. Then she started at Ketterer Kunst, the leading auction house in Germany where she worked as a specialist in 19th Century art and cataloguer in Modern and Contemporary Art. Eva returned to the English auction house Bonhams in 2020. Her job entails providing advice and valuations to her clients throughout the northern half of Germany. In her role as representative, she covers multiple categories like fine and decorative arts, jewellery, motorcars and wine. She has consigned and successfully sold major collections such as the one of Beatles photographer Astrid Kircherr.
Together with Christiane she is board and founding member of Saloon Munich where she finds her inspiration and enjoys bringing together gorgeous, talented women from the city's art scene.