In November 2019, the SALOON Jerusalem was founded as the SALOON Tel Aviv by Danielle Gorodenzik, a writer, curator, and co-founder of In Print JLM; Cornelia Renz, an artist living in Berlin and Tel Aviv and member of SALOON Berlin; and Jenna Romano, a writer, founder of, and co-founder of In Print JLM.


In Spring of 2022, the network transferred to SALOON Jerusalem and is being headed up by Jerusalemites Andi Arnovitz; artist, and Noa Arad Yairi; artist. These two women are the current board of the SALOON Jerusalem. Our new members include curators, cultural directors, artists, directors of museums, and represent a cross spectrum of Israelis. Future plans include creating events which focus on reassessing culture post Covid, reimagining career opportunities, hearing about future plans for museums and festivals and learning more about each other. Our hope is to build a strong and cohesive network of women in the arts who live and work in Jerusalem.


You can find out more about SALOON Jerusalem via 

Board Member Andi Arnovitz
Board Member Andi Arnovitz
Board Member Noa Arad Yairi
Board Member Noa Arad Yairi

Andi Arnovitz (she/her) lives and works in Jerusalem, Israel. A conceptual artist, she uses printmaking, and digital information to create both print series, artist books and installations. She has had solo and group shows in in England, China, The United States, Israel, Spain, Poland, Germany, Finland, France, Lithuania, Canada, Italy, Mallorca  and Bulgaria. Her work is in private collections in both the United States and in Europe, as well as universities, museums and institutions, including the US Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Museum, Anu Museum and The Israel National Library.

Noa Arad Yairi (she/her) is an Israeli-born Jerusalem-based contemporary artist working in sculpting, installation and painting.  Her works are shown in exhibitions and site specific projects in Israel and abroad. She graduated from the visual communications department at WIZO Haifa Academy of Design in 1988. Arad Yairi's portfolio consists of works in the studio and site specific works that stem from the study of the historical, cultural and political narrative associated with the place. Arad Yairi teaches sculpture in the Emuna Academic College of Art and Education, and is a professional advisor in a course at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Dr. Shir Alon Yaari (Lecturer in art history and visual culture)

Irit Abba (Artist/ceramicist,

Hannah Abu Hussien  (Artist,

Noa Arad Yairi (Artist, co-founder SALOON Jerusalem,

Professor Dana Arieli (Photographer and professor of history,,

Netta Assaf (Exhibition curator at the National Library of Israel,

Shani Avivi (Artist,

Andi Arnovitz (Artist, co-founder of SALOON Jerusalem,

Hanna Ben Haim Yulzari  (Artist)

Dr. Sara Benninga (Artist,

Galina Bleikh (Artist,

Dr. Nava T. Barazani (Artist, Curator, Director David Yellin College Gallery

Yoanna Blikman (Artist,

Emily Bilski (Art historian, freelance curator, author, lecturer)

Nino Biniashvilli (llustrator and head of the Visual Communications Department of SCE Academic college,

Yael Boverman-Attas (Artist,

Ruth Diskin (Chief programming officer and Director of Projects of Culture and Art at the Jerusalem Foundation,

Shlomit Dror (Curator, 

Adva Drori (Artist,

Dveer Shaked (Curator, Koresh 14 Gallery,

Rinat Edelstein (Curator, Co-CEO and artistic director of Manofim Festival, founder & Chief editor of Harama Magazine,,

Risa Fuchs (Assistant Curator, Prints and Drawings, Israel Museum, Jerusalem)

Shira Friedman (Curator)

Tamar Gispan-Greenberg (Director and chief curator of The New Gallery,

Hadassa Goldvicht (Artist,

Vered Hadad (Artist and curator) 

Adina Kamien PhD (David Rockefeller Senior Curator and Head of the Israel Museum Department of Modern art, Lecturer, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design)

Hila Laiser-Beja (Multidisciplinary artist, 

Risa Levitt (Director of The Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem)

Maya Israel (Artist, art lecturer and curator,

Ariane Littman (Interdisciplinary artist, senior lecturer, DAN Department of Creative Human Design, Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem,

Merav Maor-Komlosh (Director Museum on the Seam, 

Sara Nina Meridor (Artist)

Michal Mikaho Harada (Artist)

Zipi Mizrachi (Founder, Studio of Her Own, Women's Art Center,

Maya Muchawsky Parnas (Artist, senior lecturer at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design,

Neta Moses (Video and installation artist)

Sarah Nina Meridor  (Artist, 

Nouli Omer (Artist,

Yael Oren (Artist,

Judy Orstav (Artist,

Cornelia Renz (Artist Jerusalem/Berlin,

Jenna Romano (Curator, writer, and founder of In Print Art Book Fair,

Nadia-Adina Rose (Poet and artist,

Rachel Rotenberg (Sculptor,

Ora Ruven (Artist, 

Talshalom Sack (Artist, performer, activist, filmmaker, 

Ruth Schreiber (Artist,

Yael Serlin (Multi-disciplinary artist,

Shahar Shalev (Curator, Museum on the Seam

Belle Shafir (Multimedia artist,

Nadja Shkirat (Visual artist/photographer

Lee He Shulov (Director, Art Cube Artists' Studios; founder, co-director, and curator of Manofim Jerusalem Contemporary Art Festival

Hila Smoliansky (Head of the visual art department Jerusalem Municipality,

Ronit Sorek (Curator Prints and Drawings, Israel Museum, Jerusalem)

Ifi Steinberger (Artist, ceramicist)

Sari Srulovitch (artist and silversmith,

Nomi Tannhauser (Artist, curator and co-founder of Antea Gallery for feminist art,

Talia Tokatly (Artist,

Dr. Sandra Valabregue (Artist,

Avital Naor Wexler (Curator, Artistic Director, HaMiffal Gallery, Jerusalem)

Leora Wise (artist,

Daphna Yalon (Earth-based artist

Elinor Zilberman (Fashion historian, assistant to the senior curator of the Prints and Drawings Department at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem)