Former SALOON Berlin member, Dr. Franziska Storch, was the one who brought the SALOON spirit to Hamburg — she understood the power of connecting great women who are working in the local art scene. Consequently, SALOON Hamburg was founded in January 2018 by Storch and her colleague, Charlotte Gaitzsch (board member from 2018-2023); both art historians, curators, and art guides. SALOON Hamburg facilitates an exchange between local members by regularly hosting meetings, promoting their works on Instagram, and by organizing yearly exhibitions. Additionally, the network increases its connection to other players in the local art scene by hosting public events such as the talks “Why female perspectives matter like never before”. Furthermore, SALOON Hamburg encourages the members to connect with members of the other international SALOON cities to engage with the widespread, diverse network of women. SALOON Hamburg also strives for equal treatment and payment of all participants in the art world and is open to potential inspiring and supportive cooperation partners.


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Dr. Franziska Storch
Dr. Franziska Storch

Dr. Franziska Storch (she/her) is an art historian based in Hamburg who co-founded the SALOON Hamburg in 2018. After her studies in art history and mathematics in Oldenburg, she completed her PhD at the Humboldt-University in Berlin about the color grey. Franziska is interested in arts as a means of reflecting society. Her focus on aspects like color, space and perception reveals bridges between past and present. After a voluntary assignment at the Bucerius Kunst Forum, she now works as a freelance speaker, author of texts and audio pieces, as curator and as guide. She can look back on successful collaborations with e.g. the museum Hamburger Kunsthalle, the public radio station NDR, the foundation MeetFrida or the association Lichtwark-Gesellschaft Hamburg. On an annual basis, Franziska curates the international SALOON exhibitions in Hamburg. The last exhibitions have been "You've got mail" (mom art space, 2020), "entFALTUNG" (Galerie Carolyn Heinz, 2021), "beyond BEYOND" (MeetFrida, 2022).

Susanne Alm-Hanke (Communication Strategist & Empowerment LichtwarkSchule NGO,

Angela Anzi (Artist, performing installation,

Monika Baum (Curator, altonale / Director Visual Arts, )

Sonja Baer (Art historian and freelance author,

Marie Becker (Galerist, 14a,

Gaby Bergmann (Artist, visual poetry,

Melike Bilir (Galerist, Melike Bilir Gallery,

Dr. Dorothee Böhm (Art historian, free lance curator, author, lecturer, exhibition/collection/project manager)

Birgit Bornemann (artist, photography / film / installation art,

Josephin Böttger (Artist, Video,

Dr. Kerstin Bruchhäuser (Artist, textile,

Dorothee Daphi (Artist, painting,, and curator, Frappant e.V.,

Nathalie David (artist, film / photography / drawing,

Mela Dávila-Freire (Author / Advisor / Dozens / Curator, Art Archives, Artists’ Publications,

Isabel Deimel (Art Historian, gallery manager Galerie Herold,

Larissa Dudek (Freelance writer, journalist, NDR,

Antje Egizzi (Artist, Founder of Kunstpol,

Astrid Ehlers (Artist, drawing,

Carla Erdmann (Photo Journalist, Writer about Photography, Editor Leica Fotografie International (LFI) & LFI online as well as curator) 

Antje Flotho (Artist, Thread Drawings,     

Bettina Freimann (Curator / PR, Âme Nue,

Marejke Fries (Event Organisation, Förderkreis Deichtorhallen Hamburg e.V.,

Si-Ying Fung (Artist, painting,

Dr. Belinda Grace Gardner (art theorist, freelance art critic, author, university teacher, and independent curator,

Anna Genger (artist, painting & sculpture,, initiator & founder of l'apotheque, @lapotheque)

Rahel Gorten (Founder, leikela Fine Art Online,

Lara Gorski (Art Historian, Writer)

Tanja Hehmann (Artist, painting,

Carolyn Heinz (Galerist, Carolyn Heinz Gallery,

Gabriele Himmelmann (Art Historian & Art Mediator)

Linda Hollkott (Artist, installations,

Angela Holzhauer (Galerist, galerie holzhauer hamburg,

Ann-Kathrin Hubrich (Art Historian and Curator)

Suse Itzel (Artist, Video and Installation,

Dr. des. Ina Jessen (Art Historian, Postdoc Researcher, Curator, Lecturer / University of Hamburg,

Simone Karl (artist, collage / installation,

Petra Kilian (Artist, textiles,

Bettina Klein (Cultural Strategy Consultant/Middle East, Sfeir-Semler Gallery,

Anne Simone Krüger (Freelance Art Historian and Founder of ArtScene.Film,

Gesa Lange (Artist, drawing/installation,

Juliane Laitzsch (Artist, Mixed Media,

Clara Langenbach (Artist, sculpture,

Anik Lazar (Artist, Painting and Sculpture,

Sabrina Lemcke (Managing Director, Gallery and Publishing House St. Gertrude,

Stefanie Lüdeking (Managing Director, Bucerius Kunst Club,

Svenja Maaß (Artist, Painting,

Isa Maschewski (Artistic and Managing Director, Kunstverein Jesteburg,

Chantal Maquet (Artist, Painting,

Julia Metropolit (Artist, Sculpture,

PD Dr. Karen Michels (founder and director, Agentur für Kunstverstand,

Anna Mieves (Artist, Sculpture,

Barbara-Kathrin Möbius (Artist, Drawing and Painting, www.bkmö

Elisabeth Moch (Artist, Painting and Sculpture)

Katharina Mokross (gallerist, Holthoff-Mokross,

Penny Monogiou (Artist, Painting,

Inga Müller (Traineeship at the Department Art & Culture, Stiftungen der Sparkasse Holstein,

Bianca Müllner (Artist, Painting,

Franziska Nast (artist, book designer,

Lena Oehmsen (artist, installations, photography,

Franziska Opel (Artist, Installations,

Christiane Opitz (Cultural Studies / writer / curator)

Justine Otto (Artist, Painting,, and Curator,

Bärbel Praun (artist, photography / sculpture,

Dr. Nanna Preußners (Galerist, Nanna Preußners gallery,

Catharina Rahlff-Mackeprang (Gallery Director, Produzentengalerie,

Dr. Kathrin Reeckman (Gallery Director, Stern-Wywiol Galerie,

Nilofar Rezai (artist, video / installation,

Esther Sairally (Founder and director, Drawing Room,

Janina SantaMarina (Artist, Sculptor,

Lina Scheewe (Freelance Art Historian and Art Mediator)

Maren Schimmer (Artist, drawings/paintings,

Dr. Katharina Schlüter (director of the department Art & Culture, Stiftungen der Sparkasse Holstein,

Dr. Anna Schwan (Founder and Chairwoman, MeetFrida Foundation, ,

Wiebke Schwarzhans (Artist / PhD Candidate of  HFBK Hamburg, Artistic Research, )

Anja Sieber (Artist, painting,

Laura Sigrüner (Artist, Sculptor)

Annika Sprünker (Book and Art Dealer at Felix Jud, and Art Mediatior, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe,,

Adriane Steckhan (artist, photography/installation art

Ifee Tack (Art Historian, Freelance Author and Project Manager, Curatorial / Research Assistant at Hamburger Kunsthalle,

Anna Tautfest (Artist, Photography,

Nina Venus (Artist, Painting,, Curator, e.g. OFF-Triennale 2018,

Nicola Verstl (Foundation management, Hamburger Kunstsammlungen, & Stiftung Kulturglück,

Annegret Weitkämpfer-Krug (Art Consultant, Art Adviser,

Alexandra Waligorski (Art Historian, Cultural Scientist and Islamic Scholar, Freelance Curator)

Daniela Wesenberg (artist, drawing/installation,

Rena Wiekhorst (Art historian, art education, membership support, Freunde der Kunsthalle e.V., Hamburg,