SALOON London is a professional network for women in the arts London which also includes and invites trans and non-binary members with the objective of creating an open forum to exchange ideas, experiences and initiate collaborations. We are interested in fostering dialogue through monthly events that highlight our members’ projects whether through studio visits, curator led tours or panel discussions followed by an intimate dinner. Our members range from curators to artists, advisors, gallerists, academics and journalists. Mara Johanna Kolmel and Natalia Fuller founded SALOON London in July 2019 with Mariana Lemos joining the team in August 2020.


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Board Member Mara-Johanna Kolmel
Board Member Mara-Johanna Kolmel

Mara-Johanna Kölmel (she/her) is a London-based curator and art historian. Her collaborative projects unite cultural practitioners to explore the digital sphere as a site for methodological experimentation, social activism and artistic intervention. Mara has performed international curatorial roles for the Biennale of Sydney, Kunsthalle Hamburg, Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart, also realising exhibitions with the curatorial collectives A(by)P and Peer to Space. She obtained her MA in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London and is currently completing her PhD on Sculpture in the Augmented Sphere at Leuphana University Lüneburg.

Board Member Mariana Lemos
Board Member Mariana Lemos

Mariana Lemos (she/her) is a curator and gallery professional based in London and Lisbon. She received her MFA in Curating from Goldsmiths University of London, as well as her BA in Fine Arts. Her curatorial practice is focused on Feminist and Performance Art in times of climate crisis, drawing from Posthumanism, Queer, Feminist and Affect theories. She currently works at Union Pacific and the Feminist Library, following several years at Lisson Gallery.

Board Member Natalia Fuller
Board Member Natalia Fuller

Natalia Fuller (she/her) received an MA in Art History from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Following several years at Lisson Gallery, she now works at Galerie Max Hetzler, London. Natalia’s research has concentrated on conceptual and video art with a special interest in the interplay between art and politics.

Board Member Alexandra Steinacker-Clark
Board Member Alexandra Steinacker-Clark

Alexandra Steinacker-Clark (she/her)

is an American-Austrian art historian, curator and writer. She lives and works in London, UK. She obtained her BA in History of Art at University College London and continued her education at Goldsmiths University with an MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy, graduating with first class honors and distinction respectively. Her areas of research include feminism and artificial intelligence in contemporary art, western museum policies, as well as accessibility and engagement in the arts. She currently holds a position at Skarstedt Gallery after her time as Studio Manager for a London-based artist and 4 years at Sotheby’s Auction House. She co-founded C/20 Association for International Curatorial Practice, and is the founder and host of the  ‘All About Art’ podcast.



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Tamara Admoni (Curator and Artist Consultant)

Rosana Antoli (Artist,

Uliana Apatina (Artist,

Sabina Apostoloff (Senior Associate, AndArt Agency,

Nea Arranosky (Patrons Manager Tate,

Antonia Bartoli (Curator,

Marisa Bellani (Founder and Creative director at Roman Road,

Aviv Benn (Artist,

Sarah Blum (Relationship and Events Manager,

Lydia Boehm (Artist,

Fatma Bucak (Artist and Researcher)

Melissa Budasz (Artist and Curator,

Clare Burnett (Artist,

Giulia Cacciuttolo (Artist,

Leah Capaldi (Artist,

Anna Crtistina Caputi (Curator,

Arietta Chandris (Artist,

Tatiana Cheneviere (Founding Director at Pipeline,

Hannah Conroy (Co-Director and Curator at Kunstraum,

Claudia Contu (Curator and Writer,

Martha Craig (Director at Beaumont Nathan Fine Art Ltd,

Mafalda Damaso (Researcher/Principal Investigator REBOOT (European film industry) and Independent Cultural Policy Expert,

Oana Damir (Assistant Curator,

Adelaide Damoah (Artist,

Nina Davies (Artist,

Justine Do Espirito Santo (Director at Hollybush Gardens,

Rebecca Edwards (Curator at Arebyte Gallery,

Nour El Saleh (Artist,

Yara El Siwi (Programme Manager,

Nicole Estilo Kaiser (Associate Director at Public Gallery,

Attila Fattori Franchini (Curator and Writer,

Valentina Ferrandes (Artist,

Francesca Fiumano (Director, Fiumano Clase,

Beth Fleming (Curator and Associate Director,

Kira Freije (Artist,

Natalia Fuller (Associate Director at Galerie Max Hetzler, Co-Founder, SALOON London,

Enam Gbewonyo (Artist and Curator,

Rosie Gibbens (Artist,

Marta Grabowska (Curator and Art Historian,

Julia Greenway (Curator,

Antonia Grosse (Head of Patrons at Serpentine Galleries,

Himani Gupta (Artist,

Libby Heaney (Artist,

Pauline Herrmann (Art Critic)

Greta Hewison (Production Coordinator, Film London Artists' Moving Image Network (FLAMIN),

Julia Howe (Artist,

Helena Hunter (Artist,

Emily ILn (Visual & Experience designer,

Annie Jael Kwan (Curator and Researcher,

Dot Jia (Curator,

Anna Jochymek (Artist, ESRC Postdoctoral Research Associate,

Ranya Johnston (Head of Integrated Marketing at WSJ. Magazine,

Sophie Jung (Artist,

Huma Kabakci (Curator and Founding Director at Open Space,

Julia Kaganskiy (Curator and Cultural Strategist,

Clare Keiller (Associate Director at Beaumont Nathan,

Raddhikka Khimji (Artist,

Mara-Johanna Kölmel (Head of Artist Development and Programmes at VO Curations, Co-Founder of SALOON London

Klio Krajewska (Curator,

Karen Kramer (Artist,

Jessie Krish (Projects Curator & Gallery Manager,

Sandra Lam (Curator and Writer,

Sophie Lambert (Art Consultant,

YoungMi Lamine (Founder of Agora Digital Art,

Ludmila Lekes (Relationship Manager at C.Hoare & Co,

Mariana Lemos (Curator,

Maximiliane Leuschner (Art Historian and Writer,

Savi Lin (Senior Art Advisor at Opera Gallery,

Gracie Linden (Writer at Christie's,

Letizia Lopreiato (Artist,

Manu Luksch (Artist, Filmmaker, Senior Research Associate at AiDLab 'Critical Narratives' at Royal College of Art,

Tarini Malik (Curator at Whitechapel Gallery,

Coralie Malissard (Curator and Art Historian)

Valeria Mariani (Creative Consultant & Producer,

Grace McCalla (Artist and Founder of Graceland Art,

Georgia Messervy (Curatorial and Artist Administrator at White Cube gallery,

Sarah Meyohas (Artist,

Mariette Moor (Artist,

Anne-Claire Morel (Brand Success Manager,

Aya Mousawi (Curator and Head of the Moving Museum,

Jhenyfy Müller (Fashion Film Director and Video Editor,

Alexandra Müller-Crepon (Head of Cultural Affairs,

Ania Obolewicz (Arts Producer,

Estela Oliva (Creative Director and Artist,

Clara Palmberger-Süße (Artist,

Eva Papamargariti (Artist and Art Director,

Katy Papineau (Artist,

Krystle Patel (Artist,

Olivia Paterson (Co-Founder of Paterson Zevi,

Emily Perry (Artist,

Kate Pickering (Artist and Researcher,

Yasmine Pradissitto (Artist,

Loreal Prystaj (Visual Artist / Creative Mentor & Director,

Danielle Radojcin (Journalist and Podcast Producer)

Helen Ralli (Founder of Hart Club,

Anna Ridler (Artist,

Niya Ruseva (Gallery Assistant at JD Malat,

Helena Santidrián Mas (Executive Assistant and Client Liaison,

Agnese Sanvito (Photographer,

Francesca Sarti (Designer,

Alina Sartogo (Senior Associate at White & Case and Founder of the ARTinD,

Oliva Sartogo (Director of Art&Architecture at SUPERBLUE,

Giulia Savorelli (Photographer)

Emily Sofaly (Artists Coordinator at White Cube,

Alexandra Steinacker (Founder of the All About Art Podcast and Sales Assistant at the Skarstedt Gallery,

Tamara Rabea Stoll (Photographer and Researcher,

Nicole Tatschl (Associate Director at BASTIAN,

Sara Thorsen Fredborg (Co-Founder of KOPI Concepts,

Eleni Tomadaki (Artist,

Alicia Torres (Artist,

Gulce Tulcali (Artist,

Sez Valentine (Artist,

Helen Waldburger (Artist,

Sophie Walter (Assistant Curator at London Fire Brigade Museum,

Susan Zabrowska (Artist and Curator,

Alma Zevi (Curator and Gallerist,