The SALOON Network fosters a community within the art world in order to exchange ideas, experiences and expertise and to encourage the creation of collaborations and projects. Our members are curators, journalists, gallerists and other professionals in the arts. Our aim is to create more visibility and equal opportunities for active females in their local art scene. Our activities include meetings between the members and public events, ranging from studio or exhibition visits, portfolio reviews, exhibitions, or panel discussions. We connect our members internationally with the other SALOON cities by organizing exchange programs, exhibitions or online meetings. The headquarters is located in Berlin, Germany, where independent curator Tina Sauerlaender founded the first SALOON in 2012. You can watch the speech about her vision for the SALOON here.


The name SALOON refers to two formerly male dominated domains: the Salon exhibitions of the 19th century in Paris, and the saloons (bars) of the Wild West. The SALOON Network appropriates both into their meeting structure. Monthly meetings are held at artists’ studios or exhibitions, followed by an informal dinner which forms the basis for our members to create a trustful, well-informed and sustainable network in each city. We additionally connect to the members of each city’s SALOON network by organizing online events and exchange programs in order to establish a strong global network of women working in the arts.



Saloon Barcelona was founded in January 2020. The main activity is a monthly meeting comprising the entire region of Catalonia, where participants discuss their work while visiting studios, exhibitions and talks. We seek to create the necessary friction to generate high quality art content, a very challenging task in a cosmopolitan city as Barcelona.


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The vibrant and widespread art scene of Germany’s capital converges in the SALOON Berlin network and its members. Here, artists from different fields such as painting, sculpture, installation or new media art meet independent curators, gallerists, or museum workers for a vibrant exchange and to create opportunities for starting new collaborations.


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Launched in May 2020 by Juliette Bibasse and Camilla Colombo, SALOON Brussels reflects the multifaceted character of the European capital: artists, curators, researcher, journalists, practitioners and communication specialists meet advocates for the arts and cultural policy experts creating unique opportunities to discover, engage and exchange. From big institutions to independent spaces, from sculpture to digital art, SALOON Brussels is a growing network that finds richness in the diversity of its members, a collage of nationalities, identities and languages.


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Since June 2019 SALOON Dresden brings together female art professionals in Saxony. In monthly meetings and studio visits the network encourages the exchange between artists, curators, art historians, journalists and gallerists as well as cultural experts to exchange ideas, collaborate in projects and support each other for more visibility. 


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SALOON Hamburg represents the vivid, brilliant, and often hidden or even underestimated fine art scene of the Nordic German city. The local network provides a framework for the exchange of art professionals from different fields, including artists, independent curators, journalists, art communications professionals, gallerists, and museum workers. Within the SALOON Hamburg network, members have the possibility to receive professional feedback, to support one another, or to create new projects in order to increase their visibility.


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SALOON London is a vibrant professional network for women working in the arts in London. Our objective is to create an open forum to exchange ideas, experiences and initiate collaborations. We seek to foster dialogue through monthly events that highlight the London art world through a variety of events including studio visits, curator-led tours and panel discussions followed by an intimate dinner. Our members range from artists to curators, gallerists, advisors, academics and journalists. Through thoughtful and sustainable growth, we aim to build a strong, supportive community that reflects the various facets of the London art world. Visibility, diversity and accessibility are key in this process. As a part of a large international network we connect across borders and share  what moves and excites us. 


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SALOON Paris is representative of the dynamic, rich and atypical panorama of the French art scene, bringing together major actors from the contemporary art, new media, sound and performance fields, giving a good insight of the uniqueness and openness of the French network.


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SALOON Praha was founded by Simona Binko, Anežka Chalupová, Anna Nová and Šárka Pastorková in October 2019. SALOON Praha is a non-profit network whose aim is to connect curators, artists, journalists, and women working in galleries, museums or universities, in order to support exchange between them and strengthen the visibility and power of females within the local art scene. SALOON Praha is also a proud member of the international SALOON Network.


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The SALOON Tel Aviv reflects the intriguing art scene of Tel Aviv and Israel as a whole. The diversity of the Israeli art scene is represented by our members — they come from all areas of the art world and from all strata of Israeli society. Through our monthly meetings, SALOON Tel Aviv aims to unite young and veteran professionals in Israel's art scene — as well as artists from different backgrounds — to create a vibrant and beneficial network for all our members and to foster our professional goals.


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The SALOON opened its doors in Autumn 2017 in Vienna and has since visited a number of museums, galleries, art fairs, collectors, independent art spaces, and artists studios, etc. The goal of SALOON Vienna is to offer a look behind the scenes of the city’s institutions and to establish a dialogue between SALOON members and different acteurs of the Viennese art scene.


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