Inspired by SALOON Vienna and thrilled by the exchange in Berlin, artist Ursula Susanne Buchart (board member from 2019-2021) brought the idea of SALOON to Dresden. Here, she founded the local network together with art historian and curator Maren Marzilger in June 2019. The board was expanded in May 2020 by art historian Nina Fischäss (until 2022). Focusing on the exchange between art and theory, the regularly organised events exclusively for SALOON members are bringing together different protagonists from the contemporary art scene in Saxony. Connecting cultural experts, the professional network creates a forum to exchange experiences, discuss ideas and initiate projects and exhibitions. While having an intimate atmosphere during our studio visits we reach out to the public in our open formats to support our members visibility.


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Maren Marzilger - photo: Eric Beier
Maren Marzilger - photo: Eric Beier

Maren Marzilger (she/her) is a gallerist and freelance editor living in Dresden since 2011. She studied Art History, French and German Literature at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena and worked for a publishing house in Vietnam. She launched her online gallery Nummeriert & Signiert in 2017 after having worked four years for different galleries of contemporary art. She writes articles, curates exhibitions and represents artists at international fairs. Besides her own business she is working as a gallery manager for the Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz in Dresden and supports the Kunstverein Meißen e.V. 

Gyde Becker (Artist),

Anne Brandt (Artist)

Anne-Cathrin Brenner (Artist),

Ursula Susanne Buchart (Artist),

Nina Fischäss (Art historian, gallery and project manager)

Nadine Glas (Artist),

Viktoria Graf (Artist),

Cornelia Hammans (Artist),

Wiebke Hermann (Artist),

Victoria Hilsberg (Art Historian and Gallery Manager),

Mame Innete (Artist),

Lucie Klysch (Art Historian)

Karin Kopka-Musch (Artist),

Viktoria Kurnicki (Artist),

Maren Marzilger (Gallerist),

Frieda Pirnbaum (Cultural Manager and Concept Developer),

Theresa Rothe (Artist),

Johanna Seidel (Artist),

Theresa Tuffner (Artist),

Lisa Wölfel (Artist),

Maxi Elisabeth Wollner (Art Historian, Writer)

Elena Zanichelli (Junior Professor  for Art History and Aesthetic Theory),

Helena Zubler (Artist),